Nosey Neighbor(768x576)
Starring Kris Clarck
Kris Clarck's website : http://www.clarkflex.com/

Fantasy wrestling
30 mn / 19.95 $

2D 4:3 - 768x576
Added : Friday May 15 2015

(Kris Clarck)

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Kris is relaxing at her pool when her Nosey Neighbor is caught watching her bath in the sun. She see's him there and confronts him and throws him in her pool not letting him escape. Now the onslaught of destruction happens as her extremely muscled body goes into action!! Lots and lots of scissors throughout this video with many tap-outs. That along with killer head-locks, combo holds, grapevines, all showing her incredible muscles!! School boy pins, face-sitting, she twist his body in all kinds of directions!! Her rock hard chest smothers him as she applies her devastating grapevine.. Rear head scissors that show her amazing legs and gluts. This woman is built and loves to wrestle all styles....Arm wrestling tops this video off at the end.