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ath310 : Father and son (Xana) - Other_videos - Free_2D_preview
Added : Friday October 01 2010
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A father takes his son to his new wrestling teacher, but it turns out she's a woman ! Greatly surprised, they're teasing her, asking for something more serious. Damn, not a woman ! To prove herself, she's says she'll take them both, at the same time. We all knew Xana, her technique, her power, her ability to defeat stronger guys, but there, we wanted to try her in an even more demanding challenge : confronting two guys who didn't come to give up easily. The result is overwhelming. Action, rythm, tough submission holds, this is what you'll find in this video. Xana, who loves new challenges and tough confrontation, reaches the pinnacle of her wrestling art. She's a real fury, aggressive, swift and dominating, taking pleasure squeezing their neck and making them suffer. She's taunting them, giving them " little man " while suffocating them with arms and legs at the same time. Sexier than ever, she takes them one after the other with an indomitable will. This is unseen stuff, something Xana never did until now. This small muscular woman manages to beat the crap out of two big guys, a dazzling performance, a really exciting fight where you can hear the fighters breathing and panting in their effort. A must-seen video for all true amators of competitive and Xana lovers.

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