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Full Video Added : Friday December 21 2012

xm019 : Let's wrestle ! (720x576) (Delts Diva) - Other_videos
2D 4:3 - 720x576

34mn - $24.95 : (720x576)Delts Diva 5'9" 170lbs 16" biceps and calves, 25+ rock hard quads This is a sexy beautiful hot bodybuilder, wrestler. In this video she wants to wrestle with her friend but he hates being beaten up and seduced by her all the time day in and day out. She gets very angry with him that he doesn't want to wrestle all the time and begins an onslaught of punishment that is totally exciting to see. Scissors, grapevine smother holds, face sitting smothering, She loves fucking a man's face, combo holds all showing her muscles to the fullest. This sexy lady is BIG and MUSCULAR and STRONG!!!! She gets so horny wrestling her friend she gets into some unreal deep throat blow jobs devouring his cock several times and for several minutes. She gets him real hard and rides him fucking him hard and fast Great head scissors face fucking combos all the time showing her incredible muscularity. Hand-jobs, blow jobs, fucking, scissors, grapevines all bring the ending to an explosive victory for Delts Diva

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Full Video Added : Tuesday July 24 2012

xm018 : Bachelor Party (720x576) (WildKatt) - Other_videos
2D 4:3 - 720x576

43mn - $24.95 : (720x576) Kathy is sexy as ever in this nude seductive video! There are some women that are a pleasure to work with and Kathy is one of the very best. In this video Kathy pleases all of us by showing of her muscular sexy hard body completely nude. Man,what a body! Charlie and Vlady hired a woman for Charlie\s bachelor party. When Kathy shows up as the seductive woman, both Vlady and Charlie have nothing good to say about her. They insult her for having such BIG gorgeous muscles and really do not want her to do the party. Kathy needless to say is not going to crawl away with her tail between her legs and her goal is to convince both the guys that a muscular woman is as sexy as any one. She proceeds to do this with Charlie and makes him submissive after a short time. However, Vlady remains his obstinate self and makes Kathy have to beat him into submission to appreciate muscle on a a woman. After a beating of torture with head,body scissors, grapevines and some combination torture holds she finally rids herself of this foolish man. Now it\s on to Charlie, Kathy has already made him submissive to her and she continues on with some great head scissors which just has to be seen! Her vibrating head scissors is one of a kind. That along with face-sitting, tit-smothering, body scissors, and unusual combination holds makes Kathy exciting to watch. And remember ALL of this NUDE!!!

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Full Video Added : Tuesday July 03 2012

xm017 : Home Appraisal (720x576) (Kathy Connors) - Other_videos
2D 4:3 - 720x576

43mn - $24.95 : (720x576) - Fantasy wrestling and Domination with FBB Kathy Connors

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Full Video Added : Tuesday July 10 2012

xm016 : Ranch Hand (720x576) (Michele Ivers) - Other_videos
2D 4:3 - 720x576

47mn - $24.95 : (720x576) - Fantasy wrestling and Domination with FBB Michele Ivers

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Full Video Added : Tuesday Jun 26 2012

xm015 : Undisputed Champion (720x576) (Nicole Bass) - Other_videos
2D 4:3 - 720x576

42mn - $24.95 : (720x576)This video is 42 minutes long not 62 min Nicole Bass 6'2"", 250lbs off season, 238lbs contest, 18" biceps and 19" calves, 30" quads. Nicole Bass the largest women bodybuilder and wrestler in the world is back to show her size and strength. This is a two part video, first Nicole taking on vlad with one arm only. That's right one arm !, Vlad knew from the video before this one that he was no match for this giant of a lady, so he challenged her to a full out fight with Nicole only being able to use one arm. This didn't bother Nicole one bit, and even with one arm, vlad 210 lbs was still no match for the muscular HUGE 250 lb Nicole. She use's lots of different combo-holds, scissors of all kinds, grapevines covering all of vlads body, and some dynamite smothering holds that has to be seen ! Nicole is a full, hard, muscular, strong dynamo and even with all of that size and weight she is fast as lighting. She just has to be seen, she is Bigger and better then ever before. The second part of this video show Nicole proving to any doubters out there that she is without a doubt the undisputed queen of squeeze ! She applies without mercy, various head scissors, body scissors, that has to be seen. Nicole's 30" rock hard quads and hamstrings are to much for any man to withstand. She without a doubt shows she is the queen of squeeze and this mans screams and getting proves it.

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Full Video Added : Tuesday Jun 19 2012

xm014 : Management Video (720x576) (Carmella Curton ) - Other_videos
2D 4:3 - 720x576

35mn - $24.95 : (720x576)Mass Muscle video with Carmella Cureton. The beautiful afro-Asian goddess is back to show how much she likes to wrestle and dominate her opponent. This video shows carmella as sexy as ever and just how tough she can really be. Lots of great scissors holds here as carmella calves are second to none and she loves to use them in some exciting figure four scissors holds. Great grapevines showing carmella great glut's, combination holds and lots of good moves put on by this martial artist makes this video exciting to watch. Todd is no no slouch and can wrestle but is no match up for the feisty and powerful mistress carmella.

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Full Video Added : Tuesday Jun 12 2012

xm013 : Competitive Wrestling Action (720x576) (Bunny Glamazone) - Other_videos
2D 4:3 - 720x576

46mn - $24.95 : (720x576) - 6'3" AMAZON Bunny Glamazon Destroys a 200lb man!
In this video she takes on a guy who has admired her for many years now, and has always wanted to take her on in a real wrestling match.
After experiencing bunny, he has now changed his mind about taking her on for real again! Bunny has no mercy on this guy and even though he is 5'10" 200lbs, he looks small compared to her.
She applies countless debilitating holds, bringing vlad to screaming submissions many times. A couple of semi- knockouts made vlad helpless throughout this battle.
Excruciating scissors holds, head scissors where vlads head completely disappears between bunny's legs, smothering grapevines, combination holds, arm wrestling, and much more all do vlad in and leaves him a submissive wimp at the end.
I suggest to anyone that wants to meet a TRUE amazon, go and meet bunny, she is not only massive, with a sexy firm, toned body, but she is also extremely beautiful as wel c4s.com

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Full Video Added : Tuesday Jun 05 2012

xm012 : Battle for Title (720x576) (Debra d'Andrea & Monica Ingebrigtsen) - Other_videos
2D 4:3 - 720x576

44mn - $24.95 : (720x576) - Female vs female action
Debra 5'7"", 165lbs off season, 135lbs contest, 16" biceps and 15" calves, 25" quads.
Monica 5'6"", 160lbs off season, 138lbs contest, 16" biceps and 17" calves, 26" quads.
When Monica and Debra met, the first thing they did was discuss just who is the best wrestler in the Mass Muscle world. The answer was hard to settle, so Mass Muscle Ed decided the only way was to have both ladies go at it, for real, to see just who is the best woman in Mass Muscle history.
So what we have here is the two beautiful muscular physiques having to go at it to decide which women will come out on top.
They go at it tooth and nail. At the beginning both ladies apply holds on one another to try and weaken the other to get the advantage to do with the other as they please for a submission.
Both ladies are very very strong and know how to wrestle. Great scissors, head and body, are applied by both girls and neither one will submit to the other.
This is joined by some of the most intense wrestling you can imagine as they really and truly enjoy one another with some of the most MIND BOGGLING ACTION YOU WILL EVER WITNESS !
Then it is back to aggressive wrestling, again both ladies trying to out do the other . Who wins this encounter, well just lets say it will be continued in the future, but for now if you want to see two muscular, beautiful, strong , sexy, women fight and strain against each others body in a physical, way, them don't wait and order this video now!! Get your 1 hr video of Debra and monica NOW !

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Full Video Added : Monday May 28 2012

xm011 : Home Care (720x576) (Heather Policky) - Other_videos
2D 4:3 - 720x576

51mn - $24.95 : (720x576) - Semi-competitive wrestling with the beautiful FBB Heather Policky. A lot of action with many scissors. No facesitting, no sleeper.

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Full Video Added : Tuesday July 17 2012

xm010 : Dirty Business (720x576) (Debra d'Andrea) - Other_videos
2D 4:3 - 720x576

41mn - $24.95 : (720x576) - Debra is ROCK HARD, more ripped and bigger then her Last videos!! Debra at 5'7" 155LBS OF SOLID ripped IRON MUSCLE!! If you thought the video of Debra beating Charlie in welding service was DEVASTATING, think again!! In all of my years in this industry, I have never witnessed such a brutal, sadistic, intensive, mind blowing beating as I did with this video. Debra held nothing back and beat this man within an inch of his life!! Unbelievable head scissoring of every kind is just amazing to see. Her muscle's flex and squeeze with such overwhelming power, there is no one on this planet who can take Debra's squeeze!! Debra needed her carpets cleaned and called upon a cleaning service to come do it. After being quoted a very high price she realized that it was the same man who tried to cheat her on the welding service. I want to say that this video is not for the weak of heart!! Charlie is beaten senseless and without any mercy. I truly do not know how he took this kind of punishment throughout this video. My hat is off to this man. Debra without a doubt is the mass muscle champion of squeeze!! She also does her famous luscious facesiting, grapevining humping and grinding, this video has it all!! I tell you do not delay on ordering this video as it is just pure dynamite!! clips4sale.com

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Full Video Added

xm001 : Farmer's wife (Debra d'Andrea) - Other_videos
2D 4:3 - 720x576

41mn - $24.95 : Debra shows her famous wrestling in this exciting video this is a real turn on video !
Debra at 5'7" 155LBS and as ever before !
Debra is stuck on a farm with a husband who does not give her enough wrestling...
She is in the barn relaxing when the unsuspecting farm hand walks in and sees her there. Debra begins an onslaught of wrestling that far surpasses anything she has done in the past.
This video is truly unique ! Some playing around in the barn leads to her dragging the man into her house and bedroom.
There are holds in this video you have never seen anywhere squeezing, face sitting, face fucking, gravevinning and so many other holds and positions all in the nude, kept me excited the whole time I was filming this video !
It is truly unreal action. Debra sexier and seductive as ever...

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